beach training

Beach Training Workout

Many people think that to build a body that attracts looks of awe on the beach they have to build the body in the indoors. This isn’t true. One of the top places to make the best body is to do it in the outdoors. As much as the iron offers unique advantages, so does […]

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link roundup

June Link Roundup

Every month we scour the interwebz for the best articles, studies and breaking news in the health & fitness world. Here’s our recommended reading this month. Master the Fundamentals: Functional Flexiblity The Scientific Shortcomings of Functional Training Perspectives on Hypertrophy 10 Deadlift Commandments Shoulder Position for the Overhead Squat Hip Extension, Core Stability, and the […]

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water rehab

Water Exercise for Rehabilitation

  Accidental injuries, age-related deterioration, and degenerative diseases prevent you from exercising normally, often resulting in loss of muscle mass, mobility, and self-esteem. Whether you’re recovering from injury or just trying to maintain function, the natural buoyancy and resistance of water primes the body for strength-building exercise while simultaneously relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and removing […]

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