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beach training

Many people think that to build a body that attracts looks of awe on the beach they have to build the body in the indoors. This isn’t true. One of the top places to make the best body is to do it in the outdoors. As much as the iron offers unique advantages, so does simple body training. Let us see how you can build that awesome body through training on the beach.

The only problem with using your body weight to build muscles is that it isn’t as intuitive as using exercise machines or free weights. You don’t know how to target all the areas of your body using just the body weight. Let us check these out.

Body-weight training doesn’t put the same kind of demand on your muscles as heavy lifting does, but it comes with other superior benefits. You don’t have to pause between exercises to load weights or change the position. You also don’t have to wait for your training partner to finish using the weights for you to grab them.

Upper Body: Pushups
You can do pushups without the need for heavy weights and still get the results you need. Using the ground as the surface that you are exerting the force on, you can perform wide or narrow pushups, depending on the muscle groups you are targeting. Pushups aren’t just ideal for building chest muscles; they are also suitable for training your shoulder, arms, back and the core of the body as well. Pushups also activate the muscles and boost metabolism, which in turn leads to weight loss.

There are various variations to this exercise. You can place your legs on a seat, beach chair, bench or large rock for a decline pushup. To execute the move, make sure your body is angled inwards then lower the body until your chest is at the level just above the sand. Hold the position for a few seconds, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Press back up to the starting point. Do this for three sets each 10-12 reps.

Lower Body: Weighted Carry
Fill a bag with sand or get a heavy rock and hold it tight to your chest in a tight bear hug. You can decide to go half squats or just run for 20-50 yards with the weight. Brace the abs and keep the torso upright when executing the move.

Final Thoughts
You can still get your body ripped when you are in the outdoors. Make sure you have a few beach chairs (from ) to rest between the exercise sessions. Execute the moves perfectly and stick to the reps to make sure you get maximum benefits from the workouts without using free weights or an exercise machine.

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