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At Hot Fitness, we are determined to bring you everything “health”. It is clear to us that the human body is what allows us to achieve greatness in everyday life. We will bring you news, workouts, routines, meal plans and just general heal

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Health is Important

You know what they say – “Education is important. But big biceps are importanter.”

We believe in both! This website is a community for fitness, health, & wellness.

Contribute with a guest post, comment, or share articles!

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We welcome new contributors. Interested in sharing your great, original content with our readers? Here’s what you need to know:
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Who we are looking for: Experienced writers, bloggers, and experts in the health/welln

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Boxing and Building a Strong Core

Boxing and Building a Strong Core Core strength is more than having a six-pack of abdominals, which is the most common belief. While washboard abs are the desired result of core training, core muscles aren’t just in the abdominals. The core muscles include the pelvis, spine, and the hips. Strength in every core muscle is […]

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link roundup

June Link Roundup

Every month we scour the interwebz for the best articles, studies and breaking news in the health & fitness world. Here’s our recommended reading this month. Master the Fundamentals: Functional Flexiblity The Scientific Shortcomings of Functional Training Perspectives on Hypertrophy 10 Deadlift Commandments Shoulder Position for the Overhead Squat Hip Extension, Core Stability, and the […]

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water rehab

Water Exercise for Rehabilitation

  Accidental injuries, age-related deterioration, and degenerative diseases prevent you from exercising normally, often resulting in loss of muscle mass, mobility, and self-esteem. Whether you’re recovering from injury or just trying to maintain function, the natural buoyancy and resistance of water primes the body for strength-building exercise while simultaneously relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and removing […]

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Punching your way to a stronger body

Mention boxing and the image of a fighter undergoing endless hours of cardio workouts comes into mind.  Whether it be running hills, drilling pad work or skipping on a rope, boxing undoubtedly challenges and improves your endurance.  But, the ability to knock out an opponent doesn’t come from running or shuffling your feet the fastest, […]

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Elliptical Workout vs. Treadmill Workout

An elliptical workout differs from a treadmill workout in a few ways. Both will give you an aerobic workout but an elliptical trainer will work different muscle groups than a treadmill. While both are excellent choices, they do have distinct differences. By knowing the difference, you can decide if an elliptical workout, the treadmill workout […]

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Build those stubborn calves!

The first portion of a complete body sculpting routine for men is the upper body routine. Because many men are already comfortable with exercise for this area of the body, it’s generally the part of the body that’s well-defined and toned. The calf is made of two main muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus, nicknamed […]

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